Sunday, May 31, 2009

Facebook vs Twitter

Hellooooo all from Smokin' Joe! It has been a bit since my last post. I have been busy beyond belief this past week. It has been craziness in the Athletic Training Room with injuries as well as player moves. I can only hope life slowly gets back to normal this upcoming week. Anyway, back to the original point. I have been taking the time to get aquainted with Twitter. I can honestly say I am not a fan. I have been on Facebook for quite some time now and feel that is a better site all around. Let's look at specifics. Facebook is a true social networking site. Picture sharing, messaging (both public as well as private), Groups, Friend Recommendations as well as other things I am not going to drag on about. Twitter, from my exploration, is basically teling people what you are doing. BORING! I can send a mass text on my phone if I want to say "Going to Lunch!". If I did that people would tell me they didn't care. That is my opinion of Twitter right now. I would rather have a site that is a better complete site than a comment site basically. I know that you can do private messaging, but not being able to do much else bores me.

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