Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The previous post was posted via Google Documents! It was wayyyyyy easier than I thought it would be! Having the ability to share documents without worrying about compatibility is amazing. I can see the uses being vast in the educational setting such as I am utilizing it, but with some thought and creativity it could most def find a place in my setting. Looking at it from a quick standpoint travel itins, player moves as well as communication between all other Athletic Trainers can all be focus through this. All MD notes as well as rehab protocols still need to be kept in a safe place as well as hard filed, but possible communication of throwing progressions/hitting progressions can take place on this site. I will have to sit back and really evaluate more uses, but coming from a profession where you see your co-workers 6 weeks a year and the rest is distance communication....there is always use of a tool like this! Thanks Google, I owe you a drink.


  1. I completely agree that this new bit opf information has opened up a whole new world for upcoming teachers/coaches/trainers such as us! Also, all of the compatibility problems that used to occur with programs is gone with Google Docs!!!yah

  2. I really like the possibilities of google docs, but I don't have the full swing of it yet. I tried to send a post to my blog but it didn't work. I have to try again. I am not against playing around with technology and seeing what it can do, so play I will! I really like how your wheels are turning and you have so many ideas to make your life and communication with your co-workers easier!