Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a World....

Hello All! Only in the world we live in can two people sit in the same room and text....each other! Seriously, where was this when I was getting detention for passing notes in class. We have become so reliant on technology as a society that should something drastic ever happen to the internet, cell phones or GPS systems we would be utterly torn apart. The best part, I am one of the people who would be lost! Who among us isn't addicted to technology? We all have cell phones. Remember when calling when you got somewhere meant you had to ask to borrow your friends home phone. When GPS was a map and a yellow highlighter and someone writing directions on a piece of paper. Now, the most primitive I get is MapQuest. Even that annoys me when it moves too slow. We are all victims of technology and we all love it! I am first to say I love my latest purchase. I finally caved and bought the iPhone. Honestly, if it wasn't for classwork I would barely open my computer. This cell phone, or handheld wonder tool, does everything we humanly need! What ever happened to the cell phone from "Saved By the Bell"?? Now that was a convientently sized phone. It fit comfortably in the briefcase you had to carry it around in. I hate listening to people complain and moan about the age we live in, yet they reap the benefits and live by the very tools they damn. I say Viva Technology! Move forward. That is how we have developed. Does anyone think someone back when the wheel was invented sat back and said "Now what are we going to do with that silly invention....we are just fine without that in our lives!" I know I am enjoying every minute of the technology age we live in and the day we stop moving forward with technology is the day we start to regress as a society. Today is today, leave tomorrow in the past! Smokin' Joe signing offffffffffff.........


  1. How true your statements are. I was talking to my friend the other day and we were laughing about how we used to have to remember everyone's phone number so we could call people. Now if I were to loose my cell phone. Like I have before. I wouldn't be able to call anyone.

  2. Amen to that! I still remember phone numbers I will never need again. Times are a changin' and we are all going with it.

  3. I agree with you. Move foward technology..I am excited to see how far it will go during my lifetime, however, as I have said in my blogs I am sad that we are minimizing our actual physical interactios with people and places because technology has taken its place. I can't stand the two people in a room texting each other, especially if it is in my classroom. First of all...why try and bring a cell phone to class? Its P.E...where are you going to put it? I haven't caved much..only a computer, digital camera and gps...well i guess thats a lot, but I am sure there is much for out there for my purchase when I am ready