Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kind of a bland taste....

After spending some time on I came away underwhelmed. I am not sure I can see this being the best tool available. I know it is nice to have everything organized and in one place, but the way it is organized leaves not much difference in my eyes beyond a favorites menu. Posing the question of could this be useful in the world of research, then I say possibly. Not living in a world of research where 100's of web sites need to be covered I can't really say what is effective and what isn't, but in my world this is almost more work than is needed. If the user is a true internet user for research or work purposes where they need to cover site after site after site on a daily basis then maybe I would feel differently, but to the average person I do not feel this is a tool that I would use or would recoomend for use. I enjoy my favorites menu just as much and have no problems using that instead. I know the websites I visit daily are going to have updates and they really aren't that many in number. I am not so sure I would even utilize something like this if I was back writing papers for school at the rate of an undergraduate student. Who knows, maybe I am being closed mided and short sided but didn't leave a great enough impression on my as of yet to see its usefulness on a daily basis.

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