Thursday, June 4, 2009

Technorati....Eh, Hit & Miss!

Technorati was interesting from a few angles. I honestly had no idea as to the amount of blogs that are actually out there right now. I know they are obviously present and growing, but the sheer number is mind boggling! That being said I could live with or without Technorati. It was interesting seeing all the new information out there I never knew existed and seeing a whole new world in regards to new information to draw from, but there is one thing I do not like in a web site. I do not return to or enjoy web sites that have a disorganized feel. Technorati was wayyyyyyy to busy for me. For all the good it might do me as well as information that I can draw from it, the time it takes to filter through all the clutter was annoying. It may grow on me over time, but as of right now I would like the utilize a more streamlined web site if one existed with the same capabilities.
I did find differences when the keyword "Kinesiology" was entered into search. Blog posts as well as tags brought up a large variety of topics that may have just used the work kinesiology once. I am not sure how they filter who comes in higher on the results, but over time I will find the answer to that question. Blog directories seemed to be more Kinesiology specific. In regards to positives as well as negatives I can say the positive is you will never lack variety when it comes to entering a single keyword and getting results. The negative is having to filter through countless returns which may not give you the information you require. It is all hit or miss and time will have to enter into the equation as the searcher to pull the substance needed out of the searches being put out there. While this isn't the worst web site I have ever visited, I would not say I was overwhelmed and excited to return. I will keep plugging away and possibly as I learn to navigate the messiness a bit then I will enjoy what Technorati is bringing to the table.

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