Saturday, June 6, 2009

YouTube....always a fun stop!

It is more than safe to say that I have been on YouTube many times over the years. It is one of the few sites that I actually find myself becoming addicted to. As you can see by my video post, I do not always check in for serious matters. There really isn't anything that I dislike about YouTube. I am always able to find something I am looking for be that serious or for comedy relief. The video posts are endless and it is amazing to sit in the clubhouse and see what videos other guys know about that I never knew existed. The video that I chose is 100% mindless, but it makes me laugh every time. Life can be a bit serious, so rediculous humor such as Charlie the Unicorn brings levity to the day even if for a brief moment. I have used YouTube before to look up points of interest or small bits of information. There is no doubt that with the proper amount of time spent and keywords/tags information could be used off of YouTube for class purposes. Obviously, there is a risk of becoming severly sidetracked but hey, that can happen anywhere!!

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