Sunday, June 21, 2009

So much networking!! Is it too much??

Plaxo....LinkedIn.....Professional Web Site portfolio!! Is it too much? The answer is no, but I think sometimes the answer can me yes! It is hard enough to maintain personal/professional relationships when you are dealing face to face. Taking the time to update 3 websites and maintain them properly is a tad overwhelming. They each have their good as well as bad points. Sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo are already formed when it comes to content. The idea is already set and filling out the forms is very structured. In that regard once the sites are filled out then maintenance is fairly simple. The personal web site is more of a tedious task. While it can be said that the content is structured, it can alse be said that the possible content is vast in nature. The bad side of sites such as Plaxo and LinkedIn is that they are very vanilla. Not too much room is available for creativity. The personal website is much more open to the individual creativity taking hold. Each website comes down to the individual effort going into it. The personal web site is definately more of a marketbale tool for the employment minded individual. The Plaxo and LinkedIn sites are for the marketbale individual as well, but not necessarily as outward as the personal touch. They all serve a purpose and each has its own level of difficulty, but with effort as well as creativity they can go a long way to help an individual in the networking market. I am the first to say I am not overly confident in my ability to stay on top of 3 possible web sites when it comes to updating and managing all my contacts. I am more of a personal touch individual, but there is a time and place for these web sites and without a doubt the time we live in now contributes to their uses.

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