Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am going to miss the Library!

I know I have said this before, but I am going to miss the library one day. There was something nice about walking into the library and gettling lost for hours on end. I know as an undergraduate I enjoyed searching the library for books during research projects as well as meeting for group projects. I know the times move on and it is necessary to progress with the times, but using the internet 24/7 is going to lead to a world of disconnect. The need to go to the library is going to be a thing of the past which can also be seen as a good thing. During tough economic times when college students are needed to take on part-time jobs to assist in college fees, they no longer have the time to go to the library exclusively. Being able to obtain research from anywhere is a necessary and positive outcome from moving forward technologically. On the flip side, never having to leave a dorm room or apartment can lead to complacency as well as dependency on the internet to an annoying level. In a day and age where everyone I work around carries their laptop, there is nothing that grates on me more than when there is poor internet service and all I hear are 24 grown men whining that they can't get online. I can only imagine the current generation of college students that may not know how to use a card catalog if the internet in their dorm or apartment were to go out. I know I am on my soap box, but there are some things that I wish would stay the same. Goodbye libraries, you will be missed.

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